Thanksgiving Day Favorites

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most loved holidays of the year. It’s an age-old tradition dating back to the Plymouth Feast in 1621, depicted above by artist Jean Leon Gerome Ferris from 1899 . It has been celebrated every year as a federal holiday since 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of thanksgiving during the Civil War. Later in 1941, a law was enacted to fix Thanksgiving Day as the fourth Thursday in November.

Earlier this week, on the fourth Tuesday of the month, I polled my GROUNDFLOOR family to learn their favorite Thanksgiving dishes. I’ve compiled the answers below and included links to recipes in case you need a last minute dish to round out your meal.

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without turkey, right? Ben, our VP of Customer Operations counts fried turkey as his favorite. There’s no video evidence, but here’s how to deep fry your own turkey according to turkey experts, Butterball.

So maybe not everyone eats meat. Hunter, one of our Developers stands by Tofurkey. “America’s Leading Turkey Alternative since 1995″ has an entire line of holiday products to make your feast meat-free.

The highlight of the holiday for Arthur, our CMO, is Pork and Chestnut Stuffing. What about the sides? We’ve got those covered, too. Let’s start with the casseroles. For Dee Dee, our Operations Manger it’s Green Bean Casserole. And Marcel, our Designer prefers Sweet Potato Casserole – the kind with the marshmallow topping. Brian, our CEO looks forward to cranberry sauce.  I can’t call it Thanksgiving without Ms. Faught’s Rolls. They’re an old family recipe that’s been passed down several generations and you’ll have to get an invite to Thanksgiving if you want the recipe.

It’s not a proper feast without desserts. Anthony, our Senior Developer loves Pumpkin Pie while Glenn who works with our Borrower Services Team claims Apple Pie as his favorite.

Are you wondering what to snack on while you wait for the meal start? Chris, our VP of Software has a solution for you. Try Fritos and Helluva Good French Onion dip – it’s a family tradition.

Maybe you don’t want to cook at all? Meet Nick, our EVP for Regulatory Affairs, at the neighborhood McDonald’s for a Big Mac. He’ll tell about what a great deal it is.

While we’re enjoying our favorites with those near and dear, we wish the same for you. Happy Thanksgiving from our GROUNDFLOOR family to yours!

Limited Release Update – November 2015

Two months ago, we announced GROUNFLOOR’s historic qualification by the Securities & Exchange Commission. We declared that private real estate lending is going public, promising to open this lucrative private capital market for the first time. It’s time to report back on what’s happened since.

First, our initial batch of loans offered on September 6th didn’t last very long. Daily investment volume tripled as we invited new investors to join our original base in Georgia. The six loans sold out within weeks, including 7415 Raton Street, our first loan outside of Georgia.

Last week on stage at Money 20/20, the financial technology industry’s largest conference, we announced some new, exciting developments to build on the early momentum:

  • A new, larger batch of loans in six states — representing three times the volume previously available
  • Expansion of our limited release — extending invitations to participate for all who had signed up in September and October
  • A sneak peek at new features, such as our redesigned project page, loan comparison tool, and our forthcoming automatic investment tool

In the week since, average daily investment volume has tripled — again. We fully funded eight more loans, seeing as much investment in one week as in all of September. Five more loans, the largest we’ve ever offered, are well on their way to funding as well. In short, growth is strong.

We’re not slowing down. In the coming weeks, we anticipate introducing the next batch of loans now working its way through regulatory review. Many of you have offered feedback about the product features, loans, and support you want to see from GROUNDFLOOR. We appreciate all of it as we continue to grow and improve the tools we build for you. Please keep it coming.

Things are going very well in the earliest stages of our expansion – thanks in large part to the continuing support of the borrowers and investors who we’re honored to count as our customers. There is much to be proud of for everyone who is a part of GROUNDFLOOR, and also much to do to make good on the promise of what we’re creating together.

Have ideas, opportunities, or critiques to share? Nick and I are always pleased to hear from you directly at, or in the comments below.



More Loans from More Places

During our limited release you funded 48 loans totaling more than $2 million. On August 31st, we received qualification from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to expand investment to residents of eight more states. Additionally, we can now service loans for borrowers in any state such as 7415 Raton Street, our first loan outside of Georgia.

The SEC qualification was a catalyst for a record month of investment, selling through almost every loan. So, you’ve asked “How do you source more loans and when will they be available?”

Our Borrower Services Team works with a network of real estate investors, developers, strategic partners, and advisors to meet residential real estate developers looking to raise capital for projects. We are expanding our partnerships coast-to-coast through conferences, trade shows, events, industry networks and groups.  However, the best source has been previous borrowers. We have seen more than two out of three return and submit additional projects.

When we receive an application we review and grade the loan using our proprietary loan grading algorithm and further vet with our Loan Committee. The loan then receives a grade, A through G, with a corresponding interest rate of 5-26% allowing you to choose your own reward.

Current regulation requires that we submit loans to the SEC for review. We do this through a batch process and make the loans available to you for investment upon SEC approval. We notify you via email when new loans are available and you can always visit our site to see what is currently funding.

Still have questions about how we source new loans or meet new borrowers? Post your question in the comments section below or send us an email at


Product Update: Investor Dashboard

Since our multi-state expansion, you’ve probably noticed some changes around the site. For the first time ever, we have a loan in Texas. (You can invest right now and earn 6.4% return.) We also welcomed 7 new states and Washington DC to our growing community of lenders.

There’s more! Your GROUNDFLOOR Investor Dashboard has a new look and feel. When you log in to your account and navigate to the My Account menu and then click Investment Activity, you’ll notice an updated dashboard.

From left to right, the tabs remain the same: Investor Summary, Commitments, Open Investments, Repaid Investments, GROUNDFLOOR Investor Account.

Investor Summary

In the Investor Summary tab, you get a whole new view of your GROUNDFLOOR portfolio. At the far left you’ll see a summary of your money including cash on-hand and money at work. The middle block displays your commitments and open investments including projected earnings. And on the far right, you’ll see a snapshot of your repaid principal and earnings.

Investor Summary Tab

Open Commitments

When you navigate to the Commitments tab, you will see your open commitments (transactions you’ve made recently that will automatically convert to investments once the loan fully funds). The boxes near the top of the screen display a summary of your commitments followed by projected earnings, and your total projected return. You can also access the project page for any of your commitments, see the project details and more from this tab.

Commitments Tabs

Open Investments

In the Open Investments tab you will see a list of all of your investments in projects. Near the top, the boxes display your open investments, your projected earnings, and and your total projected return. With each project you have the ability to expand the view which will display more details like date, transaction, project description and map, and more. If you’ve made multiple investments in a project, you will now see them grouped within the project line item.

Open Investments Tab


Repaid Investments

The Repaid Investments tab includes summary boxes near the top like the others. From left to right, the boxes display your repaid principal amount, your repaid earnings, and the your total amount repaid. Like the Commitments and Open Investments tabs, you will see your repaid investments grouped by project. You also have the ability to expand the view by project to see more details.

Repaid Investments Tab


Log in to your account now and explore your updated GROUNDFLOOR Investor Dashboard. We’re always happy to hear your feedback, comments, and ideas. You can reach us via email at


Today, Private Real Estate Lending Goes Public

This was a historic week for alternative finance.

Following over 18 months of preparation, the week opened with our qualification by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to offer securities to non-accredited and accredited investors alike. And today, the week closes with the availability of our first loans under that qualification. Our team is very proud to have met the rigorous regulatory requirements necessary to expand GROUNDFLOOR beyond Georgia for the very first time.

Thousands of individual investors around the country have signed up to join GROUNDFLOOR while we’ve been focused on our pilot in Georgia. But today, with our qualification, we have the green light to begin our rollout across the country and pave the way to a $70 billion real estate lending market that is, finally, open to more individual investors than ever before.

What Lending Club and Prosper accomplished in the market for consumer debt, we are now well on our way to achieving in the market for private real estate lending. We are the first company ever to achieve SEC qualification to sell this type of real estate investment product to non-accredited investors. We are also the first company ever to utilize the new “Regulation A+” rules successfully, and to complete the rigorous NASAA Coordinated Review Process.

Why should all of this regulatory stuff matter to you?

Because the days of closed deals and unreasonable financial barriers are officially passing behind us.

Because private lending need no longer be a lucrative cottage industry reserved for wealthy investors and hedge funds.

Because today, the crowd wins.

Since we started our intrastate pilot a year and a half ago we’ve funded more than $2 million worth of commercial loans for residential real estate projects. More than $800,000 of lender principal and interest has already been repaid, with no defaults to date. Perhaps the most compelling finding from our pilot in Georgia is that the average annualized yield of GROUNDFLOOR loans is over 12 percent, which is even more compelling for a loan averaging just seven months in duration.

In the coming months, we’ll start rolling out to new states. Current GROUNDFLOOR lenders in Georgia and residents of eight newly approved states will soon have the right to invest in loans nationwide. The initial set of approved states joining Georgia include California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Texas, Virginia, Washington and the District of Columbia.

Lenders who sign up in the newly qualified states will be invited to start investing with us over the course of the coming weeks, as we bring more projects online. As we scale up and grow, GROUNDFLOOR will continue to offer more loans, in more places, to more retail investors like you.

We look forward to serving millions of individual investors and thousands of commercial borrowers in Georgia and beyond. Thank you for all of your support. Without you, today wouldn’t be possible. In this new era of crowd finance, the more investors and borrowers we gather together, the more value we can offer investors and borrowers alike. We encourage you to share the wealth and tell your friends to sign up today.

You can read the press release about our news here.


Borrower John Mangham Visits Tech Tuesday on the Dana Barrett Show


Did you tune in last week? If not, you can listen to one of GROUNDFLOOR’s borrowers, John Mangham, on The Dana Barrett Show. John was in the studio last week with Dana for her weekly Tech Tuesday segment on Biz 1190 AM. They discussed crowdfunding real estate projects right here in Atlanta, how capital sources for real estate are changing, and how GROUNDFLOOR makes it possible for anyone to earn great returns on investment.

Listen to the 11-minute clip featuring GROUNDFLOOR Borrower John Mangham and Dana Barrett.

Interested to hear more from John and Dana? Listen to the entire 1-hour show with Stefan Koening, CEO of Hull. Keep the conversation going by adding your questions, comments, and thoughts in the comments below.



Product Update: Funded Accounts


Our development team has been busy making improvements around GROUNDFLOOR. Last week, we told you about our new Loan Comparison Tool that makes it easy for you to compare and contrast details of each loan live on our site.

This week, we bring you Funded Accounts, a feature that makes it possible for you to transfer a lump sum into your GROUNDFLOOR Lender Account. This new feature allows you to make a one-time transfer to keep funds available for investing at any time through your Lender Account potentially saving you money from bank fees. See the step-by-step below.

Funded Accounts

To transfer funds into your Lender Account, you will first need to sign into your GROUNDFLOOR account. Once you’ve signed in, navigate to the “My Account” menu at the top of the screen and select “Investment Activity”. You will land at the Investor Summary view shown below.


From here, click the “GRONDFLOOR Investor Account” tab to begin the funds transfer process.


After arriving at the “GROUNDFLOOR Investor Account” tab, click the “Initiate Funds Transfer” link displayed in blue.


You will have the option to select from and to which account you would like to transfer funds. If you have multiple bank accounts connected to your GROUNDFLOOR Lender Account, they will all display as an option to originate a funds transfer here. Select the appropriate accounts and enter the amount you wish to transfer.


Once you’ve clicked the “Next” button, you will arrive at the “Verification” step of the funds transfer process.


Clicking the orange “Transfer” button will initiate your funds transfer and a confirmation screen will appear displaying the amount of the transfer and a project date when the funds will be available in your GROUNDFLOOR Lender Account.


Login to your GROUNDFLOOR Lender Account and see the feature. Have questions about transferring funds into your account? Send us an email at, call us at 678.701.1194, or post a comment below.


Product Update: Loan Comparison Tool


A few weeks ago, we introduced the new Loan Detail Page. Today, we offer another update, the Loan Comparison Tool. Keep scrolling for a walkthrough of how the Loan Comparison Tool helps you see the similarities and differences in multiple loans before making an investment.

Before Making an Investment

When you arrive on the loans page, you’ll notice two new icons next to each loan. These icons are part of the new loan comparison tool. The small circle that encloses a letter “i” will direct you to the loan detail page where you can view more information about the loan. The icon directly beneath that one that looks like a table will add the loan to the loan comparison view.


Loan Comparison View

Once you’ve selected multiple loans to compare, you can click the large table icon near the top of the loans page. You will land on the loan comparison view. Once here, you will see all of the loans you’ve selected to compare.



Compare and Contrast

When you click the “Show Differences” button at the top left of the screen, the loan categories with differences will appear highlighted in blue making it easy for you to see how the loans differ from one another. You also have the option to remove a loan from your comparison screen by simply clicking “remove” at the top of that loan column.


Click through to the investments page and test out the new loan comparison tool. Then tell us what you think via email at We’re always happy to hear your feedback and answer your questions.



Another Hour on AM BIZ 1190 with Dana Barrett


Last week, our Co-Founder and CEO Brian Dally was back in the guest seat with Dana Barrett on her morning radio talk show for the Tech Tuesday segment. This time around, Brian and Dana discuss embracing regulation instead of fighting it. In the 11-minute clip below, hear Brian and Dana chat about finding a domain and how GROUNDFLOOR settled on real estate crowdfunding.

Listen to the 11-minute clip.

Want to hear more about navigating regulation instead of fighting it? Listen to the entire 1-hour segment with Brian and Dana. Add your thoughts and comments to continue the conversation in the comments below.


Product Update: New Loan Detail Page

See more of the new loan detail page.

The last few weeks have been pretty exciting at GROUNDFLOOR. We’ve welcomed two new interns and seen record-breaking investment activity. There’s more… We recently released an updated version of our loan detail  page offering you more insight into each loan live on our site. Keep scrolling for a walkthrough of the new loan detail page.

Loan Summary

The loan summary section has been reorganized to display relevant information at the very top of the screen. You will see the property address, a link to the borrower profile, loan details like grade, rate, term, and more, and a button to invest in just one click.


Financial Overview, Grade Factors, Valuation Sources

These three boxes are a completely new addition to the loan detail page and offer you insight into how we determine a loan grade and rate. In the financial overview box you will see a visual representation of the borrower’s capital stack including the GROUNDFLOOR loan, other loans, and project costs. The grade factors box displays the factors we use in our loan grading algorithm and how the particular project scores in each category. The valuation sources box offers borrower-provided information like comps and appraisals as well an estimate from Zillow.



Borrower Summary

This new section summarizes information about the borrower for a particular project making it simple for you to learn more without leaving the loan detail page. You will see information specific to the borrower and the borrower’s company including projects with and outside of  GROUNDFLOOR.


Click through to the investments page and see the new loan detail page for any of our existing loans. Then tell us what you think via email at We’re always happy to hear your feedback and answer your questions.