The seventh installment in our 17 loans 17 days blog series takes us back to Atlanta for another project with John Mangham in Mozley Park.

John has more than 25 years of experience in real estate and had funded two projects with GROUNDFLOOR prior to 1459 Adele Avenue. Just a few miles west of Atlanta, the Adele project is situated in historic Mozley Park.

The property was developed on land inherited by the heirs of its namesake Dr. Hiram Mozley, notable for manufacturing the famous Mozley’s Lemon Elixir, a turn-of-the-century cure all. The Mozley Park community is a typical early 20th century neighborhood. Today its gridiron layout is blooming with renovated and restored cottages and bungalows thanks to urban pioneers like John.

After taking his project in Mozley Park live with GROUNDFLOOR on August 28th, 39 lenders microfinanced the $50,000 loan in just 16 days. This 9% loan has a 6 month term and will reach maturity in early spring.

John has big plans for this property that include an all new kitchen and completely renovated bathrooms. Financing a project with GROUNDFLOOR is more than just renovating homes; it’s also revitalizing neighborhoods and building community. Being a part of it is easy, fun--and uncommonly profitable.

Join our budding community of borrowers like John and microlenders who have invested nearly $1 million in 22 properties to revitalize neighborhoods. Watch your money earn more with GROUNDFLOOR. When you invest $500 or more in any of our loans, we’ll grow that investment by $100 as part of our Cheers to 2 Years! promotion.