The 9th installment in our #17loans17days blog series was pretty sweet and not just because today is Valentine’s Day. Loan #9 takes us to Woodstock, GA for a project by borrower Steve Brock in the Oakhurst development.

First, a little perspective… Steve has more than 3 decades of building experience in Atlanta and across the Southeast. He founded his company, Brock Built, in 1984 on the principle of “enriching the lives they touch”. Since, he has constructed more than 1,900 homes in 55 neighborhoods with a combined worth of  $950 million.

When we met Steve, we were immediately thrilled at the prospect of a building a relationship with such a celebrated builder. Steve thought our concept was interesting, too. Though it took some time to find the right project to partner, ultimately, we settled on the Oakhurst project.

A single-family development in Woodstock, GA where Steve had big plans for a Brock Built community, Oakhurst was a great fit for our first project together.

Steve owned the entire plot of land comprised of 80+ lots for single-family homes. While it wasn’t Steve’s first new construction project, it was ours.Our community of lenders proved to be just as delighted as we were; perhaps even more so. The prospect of a 20% return over 12 months prompted 28 of you to fully fund this loan in just 2 days!

Steve continues to build in Oakhurst, now offering 157 homesites including the GROUNDFLOOR project. Our growing community of lenders is building big things - like this home in Oakhurst. Join them today!

And our Cheers to 2 Years! promotion continues through February 22. When you invest $500 or more in any of our loans, we’ll give you an additional $100 for a total of $600. Now, that’s sweeter than a box of chocolates.

Invest in a pretty sweet deal.
Invest in a pretty sweet deal.